Thursday, February 12, 2009

Roarin' 20's Party a BLAST!!!!!!

I have never had so much fun at a party. Ever. Almost everyone dressed up, all of the alcohol was consumed, the food devoured, and the band unparalleled. The AnnieMac Band whooped it up something fierce, and everyone I've talked to since the party said they had the time of their lives. "The best dancing ever," was a common sentiment, as well as "The strongest drinks ever," due to Frank the Spank's pouring style. The costumes were fantastic, and set an ambiance that dragged people to the dance floor to shake it until the police told us to stop (midnight curfew in Ashland on the weekends, booooo!) The clean up was fast and efficient and I'd like to take a moment to thank each and every person who stayed and drunkenly helped us completely get the Pioneer Hall squeaky clean. Marta (my sister) even woke up from her nap in my car to mop the entire floor! We received a huge amount of donations from party-goers and their support really helped us be able to afford this shindig. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Special thanks go to: Robin & Gabe Dawson (for everything!), Marta and Bryan (for set-up, take down and everything in between), Allysa & David Sherman, Craig (for paying for the venue), Steve the Photographer, Nancy Roberts (for giving me my amazing 20's style hair and makeup and the bitchin' photos), the AnnieMac band for making this party so amazing, and each and every person who showed up. What a turn out! I have compiled a short list (as in three people right now) of different online places to check out some photo's. If you have any, please write me so I can add yours to share with everyone.
*Nancy Roberts of Plush Photography:
*Steven Addington of Kiaterna Design Group:
*Shannon Christoper (Renu - A Hair Salon):
Enjoy and please write soon so I can add yours to the list!

2009 Wedding Showcase a SUCCESS

Event Analysis:
The 2009 Wedding Showcase (held January 24th and 25th in Medford, OR this year) was a complete success. I met and talked with hundreds of people (brides, grooms, mothers, friends, sisters, children etc.) and served delicious bite-sized appetizers for everyone to sample. My friend Robin Dawson was a tremendous help and worked side-by-side with me for both days. (By the end, neither of us could talk and our faces hurt from smiling!) On Saturday we served two hors d'oeuvres: a festive 'Gorgonzola Tart w/ Cranberry-Pear Chutney' and a decadent 'Chili-Chocolate Tart' for dessert. On Sunday, samples of 'Wild Lox on Crustini w/ Dill Chevre & Green Onions' were passed out and then finished with freshly made 'Lemon Bars' to cleanse the pallet.
Personal Opinion...
It became evident that there was a WIDE range of tastes out there, and it was fascinating to watch people's reactions. One woman would love the Gorgonzola Tart while her friend would refuse to try, another would ask to have seconds (and sometimes thirds) on Lox & Crustini while her mother would want to spit it out (as she was not a fan of fish). I had couples prefer one appetizer to the other constantly; it was very educational, though it felt like the vast majority of people loved what I prepared. That said, I'm relieved I created two different options for each day. It better reflected my catering skills, as well as satisfied the varying tastes and opinions of a rather large group of people.
Side note: to Robin - thank you thank you thank you for all of your hard work and support!