Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 in Review - such an amazing success!

2010 was absolutely outrageous! AZ Catering & Event Planning fully hit its stride this year, and business doubled. Almost every weekend was booked with weddings or corporate events - and it's already looking to be the same for 2011.

Besides our wonderful wedding clients, AZ booked an enormous gig for ABC - American Band College (who hold their annual workshops in Ashland, OR). We, with two weeks notice, were able to organize and pull off delicious lunches for 175 people every day for 16 days. Nothing short of a miracle! We hired an amazing crew of dedicated people, and definitely cooked our buns off.

Shortly after that event ended, and the wedding season exploded, Chef Awna was in a motorcycle accident - a deer decided to T-Bone the bike! Thankfully, no bones were broken, but Awna suffered a terrible twisted ankle, and a deep hematoma (which has still not healed as of this post). Turns out - catering out of a wheelchair is extremely difficult! But again, her amazing crew showed up in force and the most complicated event of the season was a total success. A very special thanks goes out to Rachel Shapiro - her constant drive and dedication made this last year possible, and her promotion to Assistant Manager was well deserved (and needed!).

Personal note from Chef Awna: I am amazed and honored at the good fortune and success of my business. I want to thank every single client who took a chance on me, and look forward to working with you again in the years to come. The Proof really is in the Party - don't you agree?

AIFF - (Ashland Independent Film Festival) Opening Night Bash w/ Elena Withers and Clea Arthur - the prettiest little cigarette girls on the planet! Though we served
Chocolate Covered Strawberries instead...

Endive stuffed w/ Lemon Chevre and Asparagus w/ Chive Blossoms.

Catering in a wheelchair is FUN! (This was 5 days after the accident)

Fancy-Dancy Taco Bar at Eden Vale.

Sushi Style portion of Rosie and Danny's wedding...

They wanted three different ethnicity's: Asian, Spanish and Italian
- so much food, so little time...

Chef Nyomi Rivera swooped in to save the day - especially with me out of commission and in a wheel chair. She was unbelievable and did an incredible job as my arms and legs - and eyes and brain. Thank you thank you thank you!

Head Chef Nick Gerstmar charmed everyone with his constant grace and amazing grill skills.

Rachel Shapiro is a gift from the catering gods. She is always such a tremendous help and constant support.

Antipasta platters for the millions...

Balsamic Marinated Mushrooms complete any Antipasta platter - sooooo good!

Bride and Groom start the food flow - good luck Michael and Cassandra!

Grilled Peach Shortcake w/ Nutmeg Whipped Cream - I can't wait for summer again!

Fresh Rosemary Parmesan Crackers w/ Roasted Red Pepper Spread - oh my goodness!

Beautiful October wedding for Todd and Celeste - such an elegant menu!!!!!

Keep checking back - more photos of upcoming AZ Events to come... Hurrah!!!!