Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's been a year already?

A year really is a long time...

2009 was an incredibly successful year for AZ Catering & Event Planning - we survived!

I had no idea that we would be so busy as the summer months progressed. One huge wedding (or birthday or anniversary or fundraiser) after another challenged us all, but the crew was terrific - there is NO WAY I could have done any of it without their help. Robin Dawson worked almost to the end of her pregnancy, often on her feet for 12 hour plus shifts and never complaining. Rachel Shapiro signed on, adding her cheerful and upbeat attitude. I had amazing help from an assortment of rugged dish dogs (Lyle - up to his elbows in dishes well past midnight - in a room alone with meat-hooks for company one night) and steady fill-in help the rest of the time.

The food was of course delicious - seasonal, local when available, and as organic as possible. We cooked beef that was raised on the client's property. We purchased produce from our nearest farmers. We came up with creative and custom menus to suit everyone. It was wonderful!

And now we're back to do it again. 2010 sees us with heavy bookings and steady phone calls (and emails) asking for more. We're ready! Below are some photos from 2009 - Enjoy!!!

Taste of Ashland - April, 2009.

Endive leaves w/ cubed Apples & Pears, tossed in a white onion-poppyseed vinaigrette

Tandori Chicken Skewers w/ a Cucumber Raita

Grilled Prawn Skewers w/ a Chili-Raspberry Dipping Sauce

Chef Stephen Kesner mans the corn cob helm.

Mini-Dill Scones w/ Lox and Cream Fraiche

Fresh Fruit Platters

An October wedding set-up before the guests arrived - just beautiful...

Planned Parenthood November Fundraiser - yum yum yum!

Fresh oysters at the AZ Catering Staff Party - only the best....