Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Planning a Wedding? Time to Snap Up the Caterer.

January and February are our busiest months for booking wedding clients.  While it is important to hire a caterer that fits the couple and the event, the search does not have to be painful.  We at AZ Catering like to sit down with a couple for an initial chat (it usually takes about an hour) with the bride and groom.

Here's what you can expect us to discuss.

  • We ask about the venue.  Is it in a beautiful winery?  A charming childhood home?  Off the grid, in the middle of a majestic forest?  AZ Catering can cater to any of these locations and so many more.   
  • We ask about style of service desired.  Buffet?  Family-style? Plated?  Whatever style suits the event and the couple works for us.  
  • Most importantly, we ask about menu ideas.  Every couple can tailor a menu to exactly what they want to eat on their happy occasion.   Fried chicken AND a fancy-dancy taco bar?  Of course!  A meal that is completely gluten-free or vegan?  Easy!  A couple wants Grandma's famous curry?  AZ Catering loves to take a favorite family recipe and fix it for a hundred people. 
We create a perfect recipe out of your answers and craft a delicious menu for your unique event.

There are still a few available weekends on the AZ Catering calendar and we look forward to discussing your wedding feast.

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